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Optima Energy Services

The roots of Optima date back to 1988 when it was founded as an energy management software business. In response to customer demand, Optima Energy Services (Ltd) was established in 2006 as an independent energy broker and consultant; providing customers with procurement, energy management and data services. While both the software and services companies were under common ownership and control, they operated independently with Optima software being acquired by Bill Identity, a global leader in utility bill management and energy software, in December 2020.

Optima Energy Services now continues to act as an independent energy broker and consultant to our long established and loyal client base. Additionally, we continue to use the optimaTM software to ensure that our client’s data is secure and accurately validated; delivering the high standards of service that are our benchmark.

Whilst Optima Energy Services has various corporate clients, the company has grown to include several purchasing baskets, of which one of the most significant is now the ISPC (Independent Schools Purchasing Consortium); allowing corporate market access to SME clients. With the portfolio managing around eighty schools, this places us as one of the market leaders for utility management in the Independent School sector.