Optima has been providing energy procurement and bureau services since 2006. We have saved our customers millions of pounds through better procurement strategies and the recovery of overcharging on invoices.

Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement

With more than 20 years’ experience in business energy procurement, we have first-hand experience in negotiating fixed and flexible contracts for single and multi-site companies, while our excellent relationships with all key suppliers can help you achieve the best possible service and price.

Energy invoice validation service

Invoice Validation

Industry statistics suggest that utility invoices contain errors of between 3% and 5% by value, and with ever more complex contracts being used, this figure looks set to continue. We validate all key items on every invoice using the UK’s leading validation software, so any errors are flagged for resolution.

Query Resolution

Query Resolution

Resolving issues with utility suppliers is an ongoing problem for most clients, which is why we provide a full query resolution service. We automatically raise queries on your behalf, logging them to ensure a full audit trail and ensure any credit balances are in fact returned to our clients.

Energy efficiency reporting

Energy Reporting

We manage all aspects of your energy data and make this available in easy to understand reports, providing you with full visibility of your costs and energy consumption. Reports can also be tailored for specific individual requirements and issued either via email or made available through our client portal.

Account Management

Account Management

Each of our clients has access to a dedicated Account Manager to assist them with all elements of their energy management requirements. This brings together all aspects of the services offered by the team, be that from the initial procurement of your supplies through to any related query thereafter.

Client Portal

Energy Cloud is our online client portal where you can access dashboards, reports, as well as view or download your data. Those with enhanced access are able to view tailored dashboards and reports through Visualizer. Users can also be given a restricted level of access for specific sites or data within your organisation.

Independent schools

Independent Schools

With utility costs now being a significant overhead for many schools, we are pleased to assist our ISPC (Independent School Purchasing Consortium) members by ensuring they benefit from access to Corporate level supplier services and a procurement strategy based on budget stability.

Project Management / Site Works

Project Management & Site Works

We work with carefully chosen partners to assist with or deliver turnkey solutions to all our clients. We can provide competitive pricing for these projects alongside excellent data provision that integrates seamlessly with optima™ software, for all your energy management needs.