Optima has been managing costs for clients for many years, through contract management, increasing data quality and our Visualizer portal. More recently, this has extended to renewable projects and ensuring proposed plans are fit for purpose, supported by actual data.

Solar PV

In today’s climate, this proven and well-known source of renewable generation is increasingly popular. Optima is on hand to guide you through the process using trusted partners and ensuring your inevitable exports to the grid are actually paid for via the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) using an export MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number).

EV Charge Points

Are you looking to influence your SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) scope 3 emissions of your employees? Optima’s solutions work with Paxton fobs and provide information allowing for p11d reporting, in addition to being able to set individual charge point tariffs.

Heat Pumps

The time of the traditional gas boiler is coming to an end; the time of the ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) is here. If you are having existing boiler issues or would like to explore the feasibility of switching to ASHPs in the future and the grants available, let Optima know.

Net Zero

Optima’s contract offerings already include REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin), GOO (Guarantees of Origin, from EU countries) or RGGO (Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin) backing giving you peace of mind that your organisation is, in terms of your electricity and gas consumption, hitting Net Zero targets.